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Countless personal saviors!!! The SubGenius knows, bulldadaistically, that each SubGenius should do WOTAN's work exactly as He reveals it to him, and that He has wildly varying messages for different people in different situations.

By the same token, it is madness to accept any one 'personal savior' -- even Dobbs -- as a permanent guide. Perhaps "Bob's" greatest invention is the concept of SHORT DURATION PERSONAL SAVIORS, or "Shordurpersavs" in Tibetan. The true Sub accepts into his heart, as his own personal savior, anyone or anything with which he happens to be impressed at the moment. Shordurpersavs change from hour to hour, from whim to whim. It could be the hero of a movie you just saw, the author of a book, a bottle of Thunderbird, a good pal, a dog, a sex object. Not professional gurus you are locked into believing, but temporary ones according to the needs of The Now. They change so fast it never gets embarrassing; you aren't inclined to 'proselytize' them off on disinterested others who will later laugh at you; you know their effects will wear off in minutes -- although the very idea is unthinkable under the influence. One need not mention them at all -- a superb Tenet, since one is sometimes deeply ashamed for having a particular, unsavory Shordurpersav: some can be Personal Saviors and False Prophets at the same time.

As said before, SLACK is a trickster.

--from The Book of the SubGenius

For ShorDurPerSavs after May 2003, see the ShorDurPerSavs category in my blog.

3 May 2003

14 Apr 2003

28 Jun 2000

25 Jun 2000

4 Jun 2000

5 Mar 2000

11 Sep 1999

3 May 1998

24 April 1998

  • Christ (see "one is sometimes deeply ashamed for having a particular, unsavory Shordurpersav" above). Marty was watching Jesus Christ Superstar tonight. Jesus seemed pretty cool, although perhaps unfortunately, Herod made Evil look like fun too. (Anyway, GOD went to HELL for ME? Thanks, God! Note that Christians are always touting "salvation" as a "free gift." That's cool. I like presents. But it's not a free gift if you owe JAYzuss your eternal fealty...)
  • Buddha
  • Bill de la Vega, an old high school friend who combines many of the best attributes of both of the above. Happy Birthday, Bill!
  • 30 June 1997

  • Eigta (don't ask)
  • Iamblichus
  • 1 March 1997

  • P.D. Ouspensky, with or without Gurdjieff.
  • the I Ching
  • WHGA
  • 23 Feb 97

  • Hermann Hesse
  • 25 Feb 96

  • My Holy Guardian Angel
  • The programming team that wrote Nisus Writer on the Mac
  • 19 Jul 95

  • Greg Egan
  • 18 Jul 95

  • Stephen Peplaski (, for valiantly coming up with a list of about twenty funny things to call my non-F2F friends page (coming soon; I'll put a link here). One would have been fine, Steph!
  • 12 Jul 95

  • Rudolf Ritsema and Stephen Karcher, translators of a new I Ching edition
  • My wife
  • Me at 21
  • 8 Jul 95

  • Eris
  • Malaclypse the Younger
  • Dion Fortune
  • Kevin Kelly (author of Out of Control )
  • Alex Chislenko (see my Friends Page )
  • 1 Jul 95

  • Gareth Knight
  • authors of Mage: The Ascension
  • Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

  • What if legislators who passed unconstitutional laws were fined or imprisoned? Think about it.

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