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See also my bookmarks at Backflip and my online hotlist, both of which are unannotated, but probably more current, with thousands of links.

Computing Links

...with several links to various computing-centered pages, mostly Mac-oriented.

Mac sites


DiscoSlacks Links

... which hath not much to do with tight white polyester pants, but everything to do with Discordianism and SubGenius: the search for SLACK.



Related Heresies and Mutations:

Futopia Links

... links to science that manages to squeeze into the Conspiracy's paradigm, but that's still out there.

Better, Faster, Stronger...


Grimoire Links

...If you live in an area like Kentucky where finding books on magick is almost an esoteric art in itself, you might appreciate this listing of bookstores, publishers, and book distributors on the Web that specialise in the occult.

Pride of Place

...goes to two particular favourites of mine.

Other Good Bets



The Dark Side of the Force

Non-Usan Bookstores

Anders Sandberg pointed out that this page is mostly good for people in North America. For easy access, here's a grouping of occult bookstores outside the U.S., most on other continents.

IF Links

... full of links on topics surrounding interactive fiction, collaborative writing, and computer-generated art.

Adventure-Style IF:

... by which I mean interactive fiction in the mode of Infocom (e.g. Zork, Trinity, and A Mind Forever Voyaging)

Hypertext-Style IF:

... the other main branch of the interactive fiction tree, as exemplified by Michael Joyce's Afternoon and Stuart Moulthrop's Victory Garden.

Computer-Generated Writing:

... stochastic text generation and other techniques à l'Oulipo.

Collaborative Writing:


Mad Science Links

...a bunch of links to science that the New Inquisition (TM) branch of the Conspiracy would consider slightly, ah, suspect ...

Magick Links

... a page around topics magickal (i.e. Qabalah and such, as opposed to prestidigitation).

Magickal Orgs:

Pagan and Mythological Pages:

Miscellaneous Magick-Related:

Planlingvoj Links

... Planlingvoj (pron. plan-LING-voy) is Esperanto for "planned languages," languages that, like Esperanto, were consciously designed (including Loglan/Lojban, Klingon, Elvish, and many less well-known.)

Esperanto Pages:

Loglan/lojban resources

"Imaginary" languages:

... the distinction between "imaginary" conlangs and the other kind being that "imaginary" ones were created for science fiction or fantasy, or are otherwise supposed to be the language of an imaginary people.


Polyticks Links

...Polyticks: noun, from Greek poly, "many," and English ticks, "blood-sucking insects," hence "many blood-sucking insects." Here's a page to help us get them off our backs.

Reference Links

...A page of reference materials, as if everything on the Web weren't reference material.

Sophia Links

...Sophia: Greek for "Wisdom", the ancient Gnostic goddess. This is a page for philosophers (lovers of Sophia) and those who worship Her, knowingly or not.




Weird Sex Links

...weird sex, weird sex, whatcha gonna do? Sometimes you get tired of vanilla and you want ice cream flavours Baskin-Robbins just ain't got, like Jalapeño, Guinness Stout, or green tea...




(or, it takes all kinds in the Age of AIDS)


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