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(Last updated 30 Oct 2001)

Geek Code:

Version: 3.12
GTW/P/L dpu(-) s+:++>+:+ a?() C++++$ UL++++$ P+++$>++++$  L+++$>++++$
E++(+++) W++(+++) N+++ !o K++++>--- w---$>--- O- M++$>+ V-- PS+++ PE(--) 
Y+ PGP>- t+@* 5- X- R+++* tv>! b++++ !DI D--- G+ e++ h--- r+++ y+++*

You can just click on this geek code block to have it automatically decoded into English at the Geek Code Decoder Page. How geeky is that?

Bear Code:

Yes, Virginia, I am an Ursine-American.

B5 g- k- q r- s-- t+ w++

Mac Code:

The Mac Code: The only code with a graphical user interface!

Mac Code vers:2.1 system:mac/8.6 CPU:1/G3/233MHz RAM:96Mb mac:) 
since:1984 use:D rsrc:) BeOS:( win:P dos:P unix:-) apple:) M$:P code:)


INFJ, just barely on the F side. I'd say this balance is what makes me a good technical writer and crossdisciplinary thinker, and is why I'm fascinated by the Glass Bead Game. Most of my friends are INTJs.


161 (Cattell Culture Fair III. I had this listed as 167, but I recently looked at the paperwork again, and those six points were just wishful thinking. I believe it was the friend who took the Mensa entrance exams with me who scored 167.)

Consistently score in 99th percentile on other tests.

Height and Weight:

Height 6'2" (six feet two inches). Massing somewhere in the gas giant class. (In the interest of full disclosure -- I told you my IQ, didn't I? -- I will state that this is somewhere over 400 pounds. Just how far "somewhere" is, I'm not sure; most scales don't go that high!)

Penis Length:

You don't have the clearance.

Birth Data:

June 27, 1965, Perth Amboy, N.J., 10:24 AM local time.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Gemini, Virgo rising, for those who place stock in it.

What if legislators who passed unconstitutional laws were fined or imprisoned? Think about it.

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I am a CREW Signatory.

Ron Hale-Evans