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Welcome to the home page for Hexagram-8, the I Ching mailing list.

All links function as of 29 June 1998.

Hexagram-8 Archives

We have an archive including a number of IC-related files and archives of all traffic back to the beginning of the list.

Access the Hexagram-8 Archives

News of 21 June 1998: The archive link above now functions; it was discombobulated for a few weeks by a reorganisation at Apocalypse. We have also replaced the list archives from the first seven months of Hex8 (April through November 1995); these had been missing for some time. The archives also contain a number of other files from early contributors to the list.

Subscribing/Unsubscribing to Hexagram-8

If you're interested, you can join Hexagram-8 by sending the message SUBSCRIBE HEXAGRAM-8 alone in the body of an email message to the list admin address, majordomo@apocalypse.org. You will have to be approved by the list maintainer, which may take a few days.

Once subscribed, you can leave Hexagram-8 automatically by sending the message UNSUBSCRIBE HEXAGRAM-8 alone in the body of an email message to the same address.

If you're having trouble subscribing, you can email the list admin, Ron Hale-Evans (rwhe@ludism.org)

Under no circumstances should you send subscribe or unsubscribe messages to the main mailing list address, hexagram-8@apocalypse.org, as they will be seen by every member of the list. You will annoy from fifty to a hundred people or more, and look very foolish in front of people you might not want to look foolish in front of.

Also note that there are now anti-spam laws in Washington State, where the list administrator lives. Spammers are liable for as much as $1500 per spam. SPAM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ON HEXAGRAM-8.

I Ching Links

If you visit just one site...

I Ching Bookmarks ... visit this one, and you'll end up visiting all the rest. The single most comprehensive collection of I Ching links on the Web. Alphabetically organised and uncommented, still the best place to go to quench your thirst for I Ching info.

I Ching Readings

... are all over the place on the Web. Here are a couple of standards:

I Ching Software

I Ching Texts

Related Links

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  • What if legislators who passed unconstitutional laws were fined or imprisoned? Think about it.

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