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Read a short list of my favourite books and authors, or visit a more detailed bookshelf of favourites, available for purchase.

Books read, by year

The index is a little skimpy so far, but I have records going back almost 20 years, so I'll be putting them up bit by bit.

If you click on a book title in the index, it will sometimes take you to a page where you can buy the book. Sometimes I have linked to an information page, in the case of books that aren't generally available. Similarly, if you click on an author's name, the link will take you to a page where you can buy books by that author.

Although I have had to be creative with books that are not readily available (such as self-published or small-press books, or books in Esperanto), usually the purchasing links will point to the online home of the brick-and-mortar Powell's City of Books, in Portland, Oregon.

Note, January 2010: I used to have a whole bunch of stuff here about the Free Software Foundation's boycott. However, that's long over, and besides I've been an Amazon Prime customer for years now. I buy most of my books there, and much else besides. One less thing to hate.

Why did I make this page?

I started these pages at the suggestion of author and Net pundit Richard Seltzer. Like him, I've kept a list of almost every book I've read for most of my life. People tell me I have interesting taste in reading material, where "interesting" is sometimes pronounced "er, interesting". Drop me a line if you enjoy my recommendations.

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